Digital Marketing Services in Chandigarh

Social Media Marketing

The most profound way of creating brand awareness in this new age is none other than Social Media Marketing. Every age group, every profession, every field, every dimension, Social Media is a smashing hit everywhere. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more have helped brands grow immensely owing to their massive popularity. Social Media is like that glue that holds us all together in these fast times. It connects us with our friends, relatives, acquaintances, long lost friends, old neighbours and the list goes on and on.

How to make the most out of social media?

At Yosh Marcom, we believe Social Media Marketing is much more than just likes or comments. Yes, page growth matters, engagement matters but the most important thing is to present your brand in an enticing manner that gives the viewers a genuine reason to follow you. We have some Social Media nerds in our ranks, yes that's what we call them owing to their vast wealth of knowledge and tremendous love for Social Media. Our opinion is that to excel in a certain genre one must appreciate it, fall in love with it and our nerds are head over heels for social media. We firmly believe that a brand's social media page/account should tick the following points:

✓    Informative
✓    Engaging
✓    Intriguing
✓    Alluring

Informative: A brand should focus on posting informative content every now and then just to enlighten its audience and give them a reason to stay. Everybody likes to learn and everybody likes to enjoy the fascinating world of Social Media so why not collaborate these two and deliver something stunning!

Engaging: Engagement is like oxygen for any social media page and our team specialises in this department. We keep the viewers engrossed by performing regular activities that further help in page growth as well as helps our case of creating a robust brand presence.

Intriguing: We all love to tickle our brain cells and it won't be wrong to say that no one really appreciates mundane content which is why our social media team is dedicated to creating intriguing content that will be of interest to your target audience.

Alluring: We seek beauty everywhere and social media is no different. Captivating posts are pivotal to any brand's success on social media. An aesthetic page is an inviting page!

Our team looks at all these aspects and then comes up with a strategy to make your page a social media sensation.

A successful social media campaign is built on these 4 pillars and we at Yosh Marcom will help you lay a solid foundation from the very beginning! We advocate the platforms that best fit your community, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and help you develop a plan that best fits their specific needs.

This result-oriented approach makes us the top Social Media company in Chandigarh.

Facebook Marketing

Have you ever tried finding your old friends on Facebook and have been overwhelmed as to how easily you’ve been able to connect with them? Would that have been possible without the advent of Facebook? We hardly think so! Facebook is a part of every man’s life these days simply because it connects us all. It helps us find what we want, who we want to connect with and much more. It similarly helps your brand as the reach of Facebook enables you and most importantly your product/services reach out to your target audience.

Facebook is a know-it-all platform as it records all our actions, comprehends our interests, knows our location and then shows us the content that we’re most likely to appreciate. Facebook ads are highly beneficial for a brand as it lets them choose the target audience, alter the budget according to their wish, decide the time and place where the ads are to be made visible and much. With technology at our fingertips these days, Facebook Advertising is like a blessing bestowed upon us that lets any business grow tremendously.

Our team is well-versed with the platform as we’ve assisted a plethora of businesses in establishing a sound Facebook presence with our diligence, creativity and perseverance.

Instagram Marketing

With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most prolific and awe-inspiring social media platforms. The growth has been tremendous over the last few years and it has encouraged many a business to adapt to the platform in order to thrive in the ever-growing digital world.

A wise man once said "Visuals speak louder than words", and ardent followers of the social world will agree to the fact that Instagram epitomizes the aforementioned quote to perfection. Instagram is all about visuals, that meet the eye, that touch us on a personal level and above all visuals that encourage us to press the share button.

The visual-based platform has been a major hit amongst all age groups which has encouraged numerous companies to incorporate it in their branding regime.

How do we use Instagram for brand promotions you ask? Well, we don't use it, we live it! Our social media nerds will make your page do the talking via invigorating visuals that'll leave your audience in awe of your brand.

Twitter Presence

Twitter is like an enigma which is slowly catching up with the Indian audience. People nationwide are impressed with the liberty that the platform offers as it gives us the chance to express ourselves. An enticing tweet at the right time with the right hashtag can propel a brand to the top of the popularity charts. Our social media team keeps note of the trending hashtags and is always on the lookout for the right opportunity to make your brand go viral!

Quality triumphs over quantity

The age-old saying that 'quality triumphs over quantity' fits well in the world of Social Media Marketing. It is not about posting a dozen posts but about making an impact with a single post. The motive is to create shareworthy content and one must devote an ample amount of time to delivering quality posts rather than focussing on the number of posts. 


Imagine you’re looking to buy a new phone. What will you do? You’ll Google it, right? You’ll type in your query on Google and surf through the sites that are found in the results. You’re most likely to click on the first link, then the second, then the third but chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for on the first page of the results only. Millions around the globe follow the same routine whenever they’re looking to gain some perspective about a service or a product or anything on google. This is where SEO comes into play! What is SEO? What does it stand for? What is its significance? How will it assist your brand? We know many questions must be popping in your head and we’ll answer them all. Just give us a call and we’ll come up with a solution for your every problem. For starters, here is why you need a well-devised Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) strategy:
  1. Higher visibility
  2. Better ranking on Google search
  3. Greater sales
  4. Increased Profiles
  5. Organic traffic
  6. Better Brand Awareness
  7. Cost-effective marketing
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we'll concoct an SEO strategy for your site!


SEO is not the only service we provide for your website as we always present our clients with the choice to opt for our PPC services. If waiting for months is not your cup of tea and search engine marketing high on your wishlist then PPC is the way to go for! PPC- Pay Per Click is as the name suggests, a paid service wherein we pay Google for advertising. Advertisement can be in the form of text ads, display ads or video ads in which your ad reaches out to your target audience in a blink of an eye. Your target audience searches for a service that you provide on google and voila! You're there on the top of the results thanks to Google Ads. Their need your supply, a match made in heaven(by Google).

But here's the catch! It requires the utmost supervision and knowledge to execute a successful campaign such that the money spent is well spent!

Our team has worked closely on Google Adwords and understands the functionality, so rest assured that not only we'll help you reach your goal, but we will also make sure that you extract the best possible output from your investment.

Let us have a cup of tea and discuss the dynamics of Google Adwords!

So when are you coming?

Content marketing

Our organisation runs high on the skillset of our content team and it is they who say that curating interesting content is key to any successful digital campaign and we second them on this thought. Content is the eternal king of the digital kingdom and there is no denying the fact that good content sells like hotcakes. 

With us by your side, one thing is for sure that a fitting content strategy will be employed that shall rocket your brand to the pinnacle.


If you’re looking for artfully written blog posts then you’re at the right place! Putting ideas to words is a major task and we at Yosh Marcom are the Picasso of it thanks to our diligent content writers. Prior research is conducted and the importance of keywords is rightly kept in mind while producing blog posts that fulfil your needs. You may wonder ‘Who even reads blog articles these days?’

Well, the answer is millions do. Just the right content with the blend of decent writing skills makes an article reach places and in turn your brand as well.

Email marketing

From designing stirring mailers to sending it out to your desired database, we do it all. Our team is well-versed with the sphere of email marketing and have just the right tricks up their sleeves to deliver substantial results. 

The place of your mailers is in your audience’s inbox, not their spam folder and we’ll make sure their journey is smooth and successful. 

Bulk SMS

SMS marketing has fast become one of the most bankable sources of advertisement. Triggering impulsive reaction with the power of SMS has helped many a brand over the years. At Yosh Marcom, we send out bulk SMS, so if you are looking to reach out to your target audience and deliver an impactful message with just a few words then get in touch & we’ll take care of the rest.